Current Positions

My research is at the crossroads of economic history, labor economics, and the economics of culture. I focus primarily on the economic history of France, and develop data infrastructures based on novel archival material.

Departemental services (2021-2022)

Funded projects

  • ObARDI (PI) ANR-20-CE38-0015 (01-2021/01-2025) blog
  • DeNazDB (Co-PI) ANR-21-FRAL-0005 (01-2022/05-2025)

PhD in Economics, The University of Chicago, 2018


(2022). The Missing Men. World War I and Female Labor Force Participation. Journal of Human Resources, 57(4), 1209-1241.

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(2021). Mapping the Third Republic. A Geographic Information System of France (1870–1940). Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 54(4), 189-207.

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(2018). Decomposing Culture. An Analysis of Gender, Language, and Labor Supply in the Household. Review of Economics of the Household, 16(4), 879-909.

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(2017). Unlikely Democrats. Economic Elite Uncertainty under Dictatorship and Support for Democratization. American Journal of Political Science, 61(3), 624-41.

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(2013). Do Female/Male Distinctions in Language Matter? Evidence from Gender Political Quotas. Applied Economics Letters, 20(5), 495-8.

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Other Publications

(2021). Un data paper en SHS : pourquoi, pour qui, comment ? . Colloque #dhnord2021 - Publier, partager, réutiliser les données de la recherche : les data papers et leurs enjeux.

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(2019). Gambling on War: Confidence, Fear and the Tragedy of the First World War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Reviewed for

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(2016). Language and Gender Roles among Immigrants to the U.S. A Historical Perspective. In P. Paolini (Ed.), I Mondi Delle Donne, 165-79. Roma: Edi Cusano.

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(2016). Migration As A Window Into The Coevolution Between Language And Behavior. In S.G. Roberts et al. (Eds.), The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference (EVOLANG 11), 1-8.

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(2013). The Grammatical Origins of Gender Roles. Berkeley Economic History Laboratory Working Paper 2013-03.

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Data Projects



The Third-Republic France Geographic Information System (1870–1940)

The WWI MPF Database

The WWI MPF Database

The World War I military fatalities database

Language Structures

Grammatical Gender Structures database


(2018). The Legacy of the Missing Men: World War I and Female Labor in France Over a Century. Defended at the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago. Committee: Richard Hornbeck (chair), Steven D. Levitt, Derek A. Neal, and James A. Robinson..

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