I am on sabbatical leave at the Department of Economics of the University of Michigan during the academic year 2023-2024.

Current Positions

My research is at the crossroads of economic history, labor economics, and the economics of culture. I focus primarily on the economic history of France, and develop data infrastructures based on novel archival material.

Departemental services (on leave in 2023-2024)

Funded projects

  • ObARDI (PI) ANR-20-CE38-0015 (01-2021/01-2026) blog
  • DeNazDB (Co-PI) ANR-21-FRAL-0005 (01-2022/05-2026)

PhD in Economics, The University of Chicago, 2018

Journal Articles

(2023). Morts Pour la France: A Database of French Fatalities of the Great War. Explorations in Economic History, 90, 101550.

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(2022). The Missing Men. World War I and Female Labor Force Participation. Journal of Human Resources, 57(4), 1209-1241.

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(2021). Mapping the Third Republic. A Geographic Information System of France (1870–1940). Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 54(4), 189-207.

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(2018). Decomposing Culture. An Analysis of Gender, Language, and Labor Supply in the Household. Review of Economics of the Household, 16(4), 879-909.

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(2017). Unlikely Democrats. Economic Elite Uncertainty under Dictatorship and Support for Democratization. American Journal of Political Science, 61(3), 624-41.

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(2013). Do Female/Male Distinctions in Language Matter? Evidence from Gender Political Quotas. Applied Economics Letters, 20(5), 495-8.

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Book Chapters

(2016). Language and Gender Roles among Immigrants to the U.S. A Historical Perspective. In P. Paolini (Ed.), I Mondi Delle Donne, 165-79. Roma: Edi Cusano.

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Conference Proceedings

(2022). Graphes de connaissances pour représenter et analyser l'évolution des territoires en Histoire. In Nicolas Lasolle, Olivier Bruneau, and Jean Lieber (Eds.), Actes des journées humanités numériques et Web sémantique, 23-37. Nancy, France.

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(2021). Un data paper en SHS : pourquoi, pour qui, comment ? . Colloque #dhnord2021 - Publier, partager, réutiliser les données de la recherche : les data papers et leurs enjeux.

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(2016). Migration As A Window Into The Coevolution Between Language And Behavior. In S.G. Roberts et al. (Eds.), The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference (EVOLANG 11), 1-8.

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Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

(2019). Gambling on War: Confidence, Fear and the Tragedy of the First World War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Reviewed for EH.net.

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(2013). The Grammatical Origins of Gender Roles. Berkeley Economic History Laboratory Working Paper 2013-03.

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(2018). The Legacy of the Missing Men: World War I and Female Labor in France Over a Century. Defended at the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago. Committee: Richard Hornbeck (chair), Steven D. Levitt, Derek A. Neal, and James A. Robinson.

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Working Papers