The Atlas of Local Jurisdictions of Ancien Régime France

The Customary Atlas of Ancien Régime France

Customary law governed most European societies during the Middle Ages and early modern period. To better understand the roots of legal customs and their implications for long-run development, we introduce an atlas of customary regions of Ancien …

Morts Pour la France: A Database of French Fatalities of the Great War

This article describes the construction and content of the Morts pour la France database.

The Intergenerational Transmission of World War I on Female Labor

The interwar inflow of women in the labor force due to WWI persisted until today through intergenerational transmission mechanisms.

Distance to Innovations, Kinship Intensity, and Psychological Traits

Psychological traits display substantial variation worldwide. These psychological variations could be explained by the intensity of kinship ties which, we hypothesize, depends on the reception of innovations that gradually complexified family …

The Missing Men. World War I and Female Labor Force Participation

The scarcity of men due to the war generated an upward shift in female labor force participation that persisted throughout the interwar period.

Mapping the Third Republic. A Geographic Information System of France (1870–1940)

Describes a comprehensive geographic information system of Third-Republic France: the TRF-GIS.


No Better Time Than Now. Future Uncertainty and Private Investment Under Dictatorship

Noisy signaling model that highlights how uncertainty about the type of potential autocratic successors might paradoxically provide incentives for elite investment.

Decomposing Culture. An Analysis of Gender, Language, and Labor Supply in the Household

Married female immigrants to the U.S. who speak a language with sex-based grammatical rules exhibit lower labor force participation, hours worked, and weeks worked.