The Intergenerational Transmission of World War I on Female Labor

The interwar inflow of women in the labor force due to WWI persisted until today through intergenerational transmission mechanisms.

The Missing Men. World War I and Female Labor Force Participation

The scarcity of men due to the war generated an upward shift in female labor force participation that persisted throughout the interwar period.

Collateral Damage? How World War One Changed the Way Women Work

Drawing on individual-level data from the 1911 and 1921 population censuses and census-linking techniques, we analyze the consequences of World War I in France on female labor force participation. Our preliminary results suggest that in …

Revolutionary Transition: Inheritance Change and Fertility Decline

The Mosque Nearby. Visible Minorities and Far-Right Support in France

Islam is a leading target of populist radical right parties (PRR) in Europe, yet few studies have examined the relationship between the PRR and Muslim presence. Using an original database on French mosques, this article analyzes the effect of mosque …

Urbanization and Political Representation: Evidence from French Parliamentary Elections in the Interwar Period

Mapping the Third Republic. A Geographic Information System of France (1870–1940)

Describes a comprehensive geographic information system of Third-Republic France: the TRF-GIS.


The Third-Republic France Geographic Information System (1870–1940)

The WWI MPF Database

The World War I military fatalities database