The WWI MPF Database

MPF record of François Delbrut. Source: Ministère des Armées - Mémoire des Hommes

The World War I military fatalities database is a structured database of the Morts pour la France (Dead for France) records of the 1.3 million French soldiers who died due to the war. The archival material of this database is available on the Mémoire des Hommes web platform maintained by the Ministry of Defense. The military deaths data used to compute département-level military death rates used in Boehnke and Gay (2020) and in Gay (2021) is available in the following dataverse: A comprehensive structured database will be soon available.

Victor Gay
Victor Gay
Assistant Professor of Economics

Assistant professor at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST), University of Toulouse 1 Capitole.